Top 5 Indica Strains for a Blissful Evening

Are you ready for strains to accompany a chill evening? Look no further than these top indica strains that are guaranteed to put you in a state of bliss. Indica strains are known for their relaxing effects, heavy-hitting highs, and the deep sleep that follows. 

These strains are packed with soothing terpenes and calming effects that will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine in no time. We suggest a snack tray, a good movie, and your favorite cozy blanket as you snuggle up and prepare to kick back into professional lounge mode.

Ready, Set, Sleepy Time!

It’s not that every indica strain will immediately have you snoozing, but these strains are certainly known to offer deep relaxation with some sedative properties. You can absolutely puff on each of these any time of day, but we particularly enjoy them when winding down. 


Skywalker is a cross between landrace indica Mazar and Blueberry. It’s a perfectly balanced hybrid with a mellow indica-leaning body buzz. In fact, this high will compel you to relax and relieve you of any stress or worries. The flavor is sweet and citrusy, but there is an undeniable peppery exhale. Puff on a little Skywalker and you’ll be off to a galaxy far, far away. 

Purple Punch

Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple were bred to create the magic that is Purple Punch. She is indeed purple, with grape and blueberry flavors and a hit of zip from the dominant terpene caryophyllene. The effects are just as sweet as the flavor, with a strong indica punch that will start behind the eyes before fully engulfing your whole body. Prepare yourself for a night of sweet slumber. 

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is the tantalizing result of crossing Tangie and Cherry Pie. This is definitely a night time strain for its hard-hitting high that comes on strong right between the eyes. After the initial effect, you can expect a full body indica effect to roll right through you. The flavors are true to the genetics with a mix of musky, sweetness and notes of pine, mango, and tropical fruits bringing a tantalizing terpene profile to this potent strain. Get ready to tuck yourself in after indulging in a little Forbidden Fruit.

Grape Ape

Mendo Purps and Skunk #1 bring us this absolute rockstar of an indica. Grape Ape not only offers its sleep sedation, but first, it lends itself to all over feel-good effects for the body and mind. Let stress and anxiety slip away as you immerse yourself into the monkey business that is Grape Ape. As you’d imagine, the scent and flavor is much like grape juice or grape-flavored bubble gum but with a bit of skunky notes on the exhale. 

Lava Cake

This indica-dominant hybrid comes from the ever-so-tasty parents Grape Pie and Thin Mint GSC. True to its indica roots, Lava Cake is relaxing and therapeutic, with soft sleepy effects. Definitely not a daytime go-to, but perfect for a mellow weekend or kicking back after work. The flavor is sweet (with a hint of lava-like spice thanks to caryophyllene) and almost tastes like a sugar cookie. 

Blast Off to Bedtime

Indicas are excellent for sleep, but consumers also rave about their ability to relieve physical tension, erase the worries of the mind, and help you tap into the moment. Sometimes that moment is drifting off into a deep slumber, and we think that’s pretty stellar. Step into the

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