Melted Series 3G Disposable: King Louis x OG Kush

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King Louis x OG Kush represents a remarkable indica that combines the two highly esteemed strains. This distinctive terpene profile is characterized by hints of skunk, spice, and musk, offering an experience that encourages feelings of euphoria and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a tranquil afternoon indulgence.

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Howma D.
United States United States

Answering the question we all had our minds on - “Does the DOUBLED up THC-P content really make any kind of noteworthy difference?”

Saw that the good folks up at Looper had recently added a set of 4 brand new Disposable vape strain options into their online catalog. Although I was absolutely certain in my mind that there would for sure be at least one review on one of these beefed up (DOUBLE the amount of THC-P!!!) new choices for sale. However, much to my surprise, as of writing this review right now it appears as though I am indeed the cherry popping charlatan - guilty of actively taking the strain’s virginity in real time right this very moment as I type this out it continues to remain true that exactly like every single WNBA game in the entire history of the sport, there’s nothing but crickets in the comment section. Since you’ve made it this far into my review, you’re probably wondering when I’m actually going to start discussing my experience with the product. To that I say, fair enough, let’s get right into it, shall we? Here is the question we all want to know when it comes to the 4 brand new offerings that feature the first ever use and sighting of the “THC-P2” cannabinoid in any product being sold on the entire internet. Similar to my experience and first instinct, I immediately thought I had come face to face with yet another completely unheard of and unfamiliar novel cannabinoid compounds that was so brand new that not a single other person on the internet was talking about it. And at that very moment in time, that’s when I turned to the cold hard facts of the lab reports on the certificates of analysis provided for each and every singular product on the looper verse website. After comparing the amount of THC-P in all the products that are marked to contain the THC-P but without the 2 at the end. I then did the same thing with the new strains.. I was immediately able to surmise that the 2 at the end of the THC-P just meant a double serving of regular THC-P. So now after knowing exactly what it is I’m being tasked with reviewing, the question is does the double dose of the THC-P content actually translate to a twice as intense experience? you bet your booty it does, friend. Took one hit off this bad boy and woke up 14 hours later completely covered in that ******* white donut powder us stoners have such a near and dear relationship with as a tale as old as time. In conclusion, I absolutely recommend the new double-P potent dispo because it slaps *** and tickles ****! And just remember now, you heard it legitimately here first, this wasn’t a deepfake and now the next time you go to **** your dispo stick you’ll never forget the name or the face and most importantly HOWMA DEEKTAIST. DEEKTAIST, OUT! *Mic Drop* 😂

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